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마음을 다해 고객과 세상을 더 케어 하겠습니다!

Dear Stakeholders,

In 2015, Coway overcame the limit set by itself through continuous growth. Even under economic depression constant, Coway has accomplished the highest management performance in its history and led the market with successful release of premium products. Coway has shown a new value ‘IoCare (Internet of Care) that combines its unique care service with IoT technology. You have felt empathy consistently on such reason for the existence of Coway. Coway has not only kept the first rank in Korea’s industrial brand power for seventeen years but has also been acknowledged for its differentiated corporate value by winning three major customer satisfaction indexes of National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI), Korea Service Qualification Index (KS-SQI), and Korea Customer Satisfaction Index (KCSI). As a home appliance company, Coway has been selected for ‘100 good working places in Korea’ for five consecutive years. As Coway has been listed in Dow Jones Sustainable Industry Asia Pacific(DJSI Asia Pacific) for three consecutive years, we have proved the highest level in Asia as for the sustainable management. We appreciate your love and support for much matured Coway.

We shall care for customer more

A managerial vision of Coway in 2016 is ‘The(more) Care 2016’ Here, ‘The(more)’ means the value of unique existence of Coway in the world and at the same time it has the meaning of ‘adding value, expanding domain, and widening perspective’. Care is the core value of Coway’s work. We should first understand customers to care more for them. The beginning of understanding is to know their worries and to feel empathy. With a ‘sincere heart’ to feel empathy for customers’ worry, we shall make product and service that can cater to their needs before they tells us.

We shall care for world with a new challenge

In 2016, we will increase the number of people who will enjoy the value of Coway’s products and services through new business and overseas business. Coway has analyzed the environment and living pattern of people in detail. We have collected indoor air quality data and water drinking purpose data. We plan to collect and analyze unlimited data for living environment and family health such as health data through bidet and sleeping quality data through mattress. This big data shall be Coway’s sole asset but also be the highest competitiveness that will open a new era of IoT. We shall perform an integrated care for individual water drinking habit, sleeping habit, air quality management habit through a ‘customized care solution’ that interconnects Coway’s products into one system and integrates all data. We shall combine service with IoT and open a new customer care era.

The Life Care Company is another name of Coway

Coway had first participated in CES(Consumer Electronics Show) 2016 and received an award for innovation. This means that the world has acknowledged Coway’s innovative power but also our daily work means innovation. Our daily work is innovation, that is Coway. We shall be changed to ‘Life Care Company’ that will break away from the title of rental and service company yet lead a healthy life. By the year 2018, we shall present most of our released products as a smart product based on the IoT. We shall advance to a big data platform company of the largest scale in Korea after collecting 1 trillion data of living environment and health. This will be Coway’s way of evolution and a better world created through Coway. For such change, Coway has newly changed the company’s vision to ‘The Life Care Company’ and kept working to foster into one mind company-wide.

As a leader in the environmental appliances industry, Coway shall not over confident about its past success, but overcome the limit by itself and make a better world. We shall challenge new domain that looks impossible. We shall get closer to your precious daily life, and take full responsibility for the society and environment, and Put “We believe in Goodness” philosophy into practice

Jan 2017
Hae-Sun Lee
CEO, Coway