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Sales & Partners


Coway has supported the sustainable growth of sales & service organization that plans to ‘Grow Together’ conforming to the basic direction of Coway.


‘CODY’, who is not only the driving force of business in Coway but also the communication at the contact point of customers, has conducted management in customers who are using environmental appliances and each product, to enhance the degree of satisfaction in brand and company at the closest place to customers. Accordingly, Coway has supported sales & service partners unsparingly to proceed onsite service and sales activity to customers more easily.

Operating Complaint Manager

Responding to customers’ complaints, in order to prevent no handling or mishandling of claim, Coway has operated CS Doctor complaint manager. Through this, not only Coway has effectively supported onsite works but also has prevented risks due to complaints in advance.

8년 경력단절 극복, 2년 만에 억대 연봉 코디 된 조선영씨
I left the bank after four years with my marriage, and I have indulged in a child care while living as a housewife for eight years. I tried to find a job. At that time when I gave it up because there was no such job I could work while taking care of my child, I came to know about a vocation, CODY, through my acquaintance. I challenged when I saw people work while raising their children without any difficulty. In fact, at that time, I felt a great burden rather than excitement as I had a 8 years of cut off career.

However, I was easily able to adapt to systematic mentoring system and education for each stage. I was able to overcome the period of cut off career thanks to various support such as customized coaching according to personal inclination and to advance to society successfully. Likewise, I have a sense of accomplishment thinking that through CODY not only I have received financial assistance for my family but also I have grown and developed by myself.

Ms. Sun-young Cho
CODY, Coway