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Implementing Differentiated Growth Strategies


Accelerating Overseas Business Projects

The Direction of Overseas Business Projects

As of the end of 2015, Coway operates local corporations in China, Thailand, Malaysia, and the U.S., targeting overseas markets through the OEM contracts with global home appliance manufacturers as well as overseas integrated brand ‘Coway’ and ODM brands. Overseas sales in 2015 amount to KRW 149.3 billion , 7% of the total sales in the previous year. In the future, Coway will continue strengthening its marketing and capabilities to grow overseas businesses mainly through its own brands.

Export revenue
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Implementing Locally Differentiated Strategies

Coway conducts overseas business products with its differentiated approaches to overseas markets. In 2015, it developed specialized service models with strategic line-ups of products for each region.

In addition to its outward business growth, Coway increased its door-to-door sales workforce in Malaysia and the U.S. to accelerate its overseas business localization by improving brand awareness through TV commercials, etc.

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