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Strengthening Customer Relationship Management

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Business Relevance & Approach

According to the business characteristic of Coway’s rental business, as we have formed a long term relationship with customers from post management to return stage after the product sale, customer satisfaction is a very important element in the aspect of Coway’s sustainable management. Moreover, due to rapid market change and diversified customer needs, such elements have become more important as the customer classification at the provision of product development and service, the establishment of response strategy for each customer group as well as the understanding of customer’s environment and situation who actually uses the product.

Coway, based on CMI (Customer & Market Insights), has classified customers through analysis of customer data, needs, life stage, and purchasing behavior, established and implemented the response strategy for each customer group. Moreover, based on customer centered work process, we have provided high quality products through research on customer’s emotion and consuming pattern along with continuous monitoring on customer and market, and raised the quality of customized service.


Establishing Customized Response Strategies, Providing Customer-centered Service, Continued Quality Innovation

Business Cases

  • Research on Customer Emotion
  • Supplier Quality Innovation Project Implementation

2015 Performance

  • 78

    Retention rate

  • 1

    Cancellation Rate

  • 1.63

    (products per customer)