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Response to Resource Circulation

Manufacturing Refurbished Product

A refurbish, the representative recycle system of Coway, not only satisfies customers who demand reasonable and economical consumption but also achieves the double effect on the minimization of environmental problem through the reuse of resources. In 2015, Coway manufactured 21,535 refurbished products.

리퍼브 판매량, 리퍼브 매출액 리퍼브 값

  2013 2014 2015
Sales of Refurbished Products 28,123 18,583 21,535

Plastic Waste Recycle

Products that Coway manufactures are not included in EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility), but Coway, who considers the environment, has manufactured the refurbished products but also voluntarily returned and recycled the entire disposed appliances that have been manufactured by our company. Through this, in 2015, Pocheon Factory indirectly reduced greenhouse gas of 7,485 tCO2e.

폐플라스틱 재활용량 폐플라스틱 재활용량

  Unit 2013 2014 2015
Recycled Waste Plastic Ton 5,638 6,198 6,353
Greenhouse Gas Reduction tCO2e 6,643 7,303 7,485

*Calculated based on M.O.E's guideline on carbon labeling, and waste emission factor by treatment

Coolant Return & Recycle

Coway water purifier uses a coolant gas (R-134a) to realize the coolant performance GWP of R-134a coolant gas is 1,300, which generates greenhouse gas because of its waste coolant. Accordingly, Coway Pocheon Factory operates a coolant return facility, and through this, greenhouse gas of 19,359 tCO2e was reduced in 2015.

냉매 회수재활용량 냉매 회수재활용량

  Unit Types 2013 2014 2015
Coolant Return & Recycle Kg R-12 1,200 1,000 1,910
R134a 3,430 3,120 2,600
Greenhouse Gas Reduction tCO2e R-12 10,464 8,720 16,655
R134a 3,567 3,245 2,704

Major History & Future Direction

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