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Coway-Style Social Contribution

Coway is promoting by focusing on a ‘Coway-Style’ project such as water source pollution, water shortage and women’s career cut off through connection with core business.

Happy well project in Cambodia

Coway has proceeded with ‘Digging wells in Cambodia’ every year since 2006 with a slogan ‘1,000 Wells for 10 Years’ to solve the water shortage and water quality of local residents in Cambodia. Although Coway does not have the same interest in Cambodia such as Coway’s factory or overseas corporation, as a representative water company, Coway has done such activity to implement our responsibility for water.


캄보디아 코우 쿤 후어 캄보디아 캄폿 주지사 인터뷰
Coway successfully completed its global social contribution campaign aimed at digging 1,000 wells in 10 years in Cambodia. 1,000th well behind me was the fruit of promise that Coway, a company from far away country, had shown to us for 10 years. Many companies implement social contribution activities as a one-time event without long-term plans. However, Coway has shown the right social contribution activity by seeking for regions where clean water is required and keeping its promise for the past 10 years.

The Governor of Kampot State
- Khoch Kunhour -

Re:NK’s Program to Support Women Who Discontinued Career Development

In order to help the society advance and economic independence of women who have been cut off from their careers due to child birth and child care, Coway has been operating ‘Re:starter Beauty College’. In 2015, Coway recruited women for the second term to provide a beauty professional education for four months. Participants started the second stage of their life after achieving the national certificate of skin care specialist.