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Realization of Human-Centered Corporate Culture


Practice of Corporate Culture Change

Coway management philosophy for sustainable growth is ‘Belief in Goodness,’ which means to contribute to making the world better with what we do. All executives and employees put forth every effort to forming a consensus under this principle. More than that, they will continue doing their utmost to practice core values at the head office and business sites.

Direction for Business Promotion
Practice of Corporate Culture Change

Good Meeting & Workshop

‘Good Meeting’ is operated to help realize and understand the cultural differences among divisions and promote the same directivity company-wide. Particularly, subjects such as working space, meeting culture, and facilitation of communication are discussed in an effort to change the way of working. In 2015, the night work time limit system and annual leave use rate analysis were implemented. In addition, ‘Good Meeting’ program facilitates developing creative mind and positive energy among employees. In 2016, divisional activities conducted more specifically in each team to secure the consistent directivity company-wide.

Beyond Coway

‘Beyond Coway’ is a vision education program to internalize Coway management spirit and vision system among all the employees. In 2015, 1,200 employees participated in sharing their examples of Belief in Goodness and practicing six core values, forming a bond of sympathy regarding Coway management philosophies.

Communication Program

Coway operates the communication program so that employees’ opinions are collected and reflected in business management activity. Particularly, in recognition of the importance of a leader’s role in communication, Coway conducts various programs where the management and employees work together.

Practice of Corporate Culture Change