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Strengthening Product Reliability and Safety


Increasing product reliability

Reinforcement of Safety Design Standards as Premium Products

Coway proceeds with the test under more stringent safety standards to provide customers with higher product safety and strengthens its position as a premium product.

Ensuring EMF Safety

Coway will examine any harmful elements related to Electro Magnetic Fields(EMF) in advance and compare EMF generation between Coway products and its competitors to make sure the highest level of safety is being maintained. We also arrange the system to visualize the results to demonstrate to the consumer in order to inform the excellence of our products, and enhance the corporate image. In the future, we are planning to ensure the objectivity by obtaining the test results from the external test laboratory, and to strengthen the safety design of the product by measuring and managing the EMF generated components.

Strengthening Test Methods on Water Resistance

Coway applies a higher standard of IPX5 than general waterproof test standard to the tests for the products including bidets which use and contact with water. In 2015, a new product, ‘self-sterilizing bidet Secret Care’ has obtained the IPX5 rating. In addition, a level of IPX1 waterproof test standard is added even to the products with less contact with water, such as air purifiers in attempting to ensure a more stringent level of product safety than other companies.

Prevention of failures and defects

Accurate and efficient verifications are carried out by building a state-of-the-art equipment and processes to analyze the causes of failures and defects that may occur during use. In 2016, we will perform the failure analysis for the failure products in the entire field, in order to address the underlying causes by reproducing and verifying the failures in various conditions in an accurate manner utilizing user environmental information.
Besides, in order to prevent solvent phenomenon (failure causing cracks by the chemicals such as detergents, cleaners etc. to penetrate into the interior plastics), we are examining the relevant practices and developing the test methods and jigs to build a test infrastructure. In 2016, we will ensure that the product design with resistance can be made by leading the activities such as researching main ingredients of various detergents and cleaners on the market and building process of raw material failure prediction etc.