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Spread Win-Win Culture of Communication

Operating Autonomous Communication System

Since 2013, Coway has activated autonomous communication between suppliers and operated ‘Belief in goodness Consultation’ to improve competitiveness of suppliers through mutual comparison and analysis. Through this consultation, Coway has established a new shared growing culture as well as a shared growth between suppliers

착한 믿음 협의회

착한믿음 협의회 주요 프로그램 성과

Creation Win-Win Culture between Tier 1 and 2 suppliers

C.E.O and staffs of general purchase in charge in Coway paid a visit to secondary suppliers in order to promote a true shared growth through the communication with suppliers and converged opinions of suppliers. In 2015, Coway visited total 11 suppliers, and reviewed new and quality improved items, and implemented a bench marking for primary excellent suppliers.