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Response to Climate Change

Expansion of Introduction to New Renewable Energy

Coway installed and operated solar power generations at Pocheon Factory in August 2013(45KWh scale), Yugu Factory in September 2014(49.5KWh scale), and Incheon Factory in July 2015(39KWh scale). In 2015, these three factories showed the effect of 62 ton reduction in greenhouse gas by producing 133,496KW electric power for self consumption.

Moreover, to transparently provide investors and customers information about emissions and activities for reducing GHG ejected by operation , Coway makes a Carbon Report and then disclose to the outside.

Operation of Carbon Partnership

With the Carbon Partnership established with suppliers, solar-light power generation facilities were supplied to two partners in 2015, producing electric power of 55,961KW internally and reducing 26 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, Coway has collected and recycled 6,353 ton of plastic wastes, establishing the resource virtuous circulation structure.

Coway Integrated Energy Management System

협력사 에너지 경영체계 구축, 코웨이-협력사 에너지 네트워크 구축
Photovoltaic power generation

Coway   133496 KWh
Suppliers   55961 KWh
  88 ton

Assured by Korea Management Association Registration Inc.

Response to Climate Change Roadmap

~2009 탄소경영 체계 구축, 2010~ 탄소경영 확산, 2016년 이후~ 탄소경영 정착