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Improving Brand Value


해밝게 웃고 있는 사진

Business Relevance & Approach

The effective establishment of brand strategy and clear setting of brand value have been highlighted for more important aspect in company’s sustainability by raising royalty to customers. According to the characteristic of rental business, as Coway has gained credibility by facing customers directly for regular service and continued a long term friendship, the brand in Coway is a living asset based on the credibility with human centered and beyond the aspect of product service.

In 2015, Coway established a new brand vision, ‘The Life Care Company’, to confirm its pursue as a brand to care overall life of customers. Especially, Coway informed the promise and pursue of brand by introducing a strategic brand management system to provide various brand experiences in a contact point with customers through on & off line channels. Moreover, as a brand that procures a representation in the most basic and important domain in terms of the life with water and air, Coway has continuously planned and developed a campaign to feel empathy with society on the importance of water.


Introducing a strategic brand management system, Facilitation of Brand Communication

Business Cases

  • Coduct the ‘Water Break Campaign Season II’ campaign
  • Acknowledge domestic & international brand values

2015 Performance

  • 32nd

    Best Korea Brand 2016

  • 651.8
    billion (KRW)

    Brand Value
    (*Source: Interbrand KOREA)