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About This Online Report


Step1. Create a Pool of Reporting Issues

Research was conducted to identify the most discussed issues regarding sustainability management during the reporting period.

Media research

Conduct research on articles that received media exposure during 2015 in Korea.

Research sustainability management trends

The company surveyed sustainability management issues dealt with in newsletters and articles which were published by international organizations as well as global initiatives.

* Analysis by : UNGS, GRI G4 guideline, SDGs, etc.

Furthermore, sustainability reporting trends in the industry were uncovered by looking into Best Practices of global companies in the field of home appliances and cosmetics.

Research issues for each stakeholder group

In order to identify the issues that major stakeholders—especially customers, employees, and suppliers—are most concerned about in relation to Coway’s sustainability management, the company researched feedback received from stakeholders at each contact point during the reporting period.


Pool of 35 Issues in 3 Areas
Areas Issues
  • Reinforce Coway’s Brand credibility
  • Responsible marketing and advertising
  • Strengthen competence of Product Innovation
  • Establish sound sales culture
  • Seize upon opportunities for new businesses & new markets
  • Reinforce ethics management
  • Establish Business strategy reflecting industry trends & social issues
  • Strengthen product’s safety & reliability
  • Maintain & reinforce market status
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Generate and distribute economic value
  • Flexible & family-friendly corporate culture
  • Develop & retain human resources
  • Social contribution activities reflecting a characteristic of business
  • Supplier’s sustainability management
  • Establish fair trading order
  • Reinforce security of data & personal information
  • Improve sales & service partners’ status and professionalism
  • Reinforce suppliers’ business capabilities
  • Respect employees diversity and anti-discrimination efforts
  • Improve product access for the disadvantaged
  • Guarantee health & safety at work
  • Comply with principles regarding human rights and labor
  • Minimize products’ effect on environment in an entire process
  • Hazardous substance management
  • Develop eco-friendly products and services
  • Improve products’ recyclability
  • Respond to climate change
  • Energy management
  • Water-resource management

Step2. Stakeholders’ Survey & Materiality Test


Step3. Examine Reporting Issues and Make a Final Decision