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Strengthening Customer Relationship Management


Establishing Customized Response Strategies

Establishing a Customer-centered Management System

Based on its customer-satisfaction management strategy, ‘Beyond Expectation,’ Coway provides customer care, which is based on accurate understanding of customers, so that customers can live a healthy, happy life.

Beyond Expectation

CMI, Big Data-based Analysis of Customers and Markets

Coway’s customer-centered management begins with data analysis of customers and markets. To respond to rapidly changing markets and various customer needs flexibly, Coway classifies customers based on its CMI (Customer & Market Insights) that analyzes customer data, needs, life stages, purchase behaviors, etc. and establishes different response strategies for each customer group. Products and services are developed in reflection of changing needs depending on life patterns and stages among various customers such as newly-weds, families with infants, and single families. Marketing activities are promoted to provide positive experiences so that values beyond expectations can be provided.

Coway operates ‘the customer emotions research center’ in the R&D center where customers use products personally in conditions similar to their own home. Their opinions and feedback are reflected in developing new products. Researches on various elements of customer convenience such as product UI are conducted continually by means of the design room, etc. so that customers can use Coway products conveniently and get greater satisfaction from them.

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