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Strengthening Customer Relationship Management


Providing Customer-centered Service

VOC Management

Coway pays keen attention to customers’ feedback, minor or major, and reflects them in management activity under the VOC(Voice of Customer) management system. Particularly, the ‘SoriSup’ Program based on VOC and the company-wide meeting group put forth efforts into minimizing complaints among customers. In prompt response to customers’ feedback collected through various channels, solutions are sought to prevent similar problems from recurring systematically. Major concerns are shared by the company-wide meeting group so that they can find effective VOC solutions and to improve the quality of service provided to customers.

Providing Customer-centered Service

Coway operates the ‘Heart Guest Room,’ which is a company-wide communication group that discusses issues with related divisions to address customers’ VOC problems and onsite complaints.

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Customer-centered Service

Service Improvement

Parts replacement service has been provided free of charge for long-term rental service users. Its upgraded version entitled ‘special water purifier service’ has been released and conducted to relieve anxiety of hygienic problems among customers. In addition, the sterilizing water system has been introduced for tank sterilization. Since sterilizing water contains no chemical addition but is generated through electrochemical reactions, it is harmless to human bodies and has obtained ‘S Mark’ from Korea Testing & Research Institute that certifies its safety. In consideration of customers’ moving needs, ‘the service package for moving customers’ has been developed with more diversified service: such as life cycles individual needs, places, and regions are provided, improving customer satisfaction.

Communication with Service Users

‘Service Map’ that visualizes service features is added to the existing water purifier user manual so that customers can look through available services conveniently. In addition, the mobile checking card through which users can refer to the checking timing and details real-time has been newly introduced to improve user convenience.