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Realization of Human-Centered Corporate Culture


Strengthening the development of workforce capabilities

Coway talent development policies pursue ‘people who practice Belief in goodness and aim at ‘Good Growth’ of employees. Coway operates various programs for talent development such as corporate culture education, vocational and leadership education, etc., through which employees continue strengthening their personal expertise and professionalism.

Next-generation Leader Training

Coway seeks and manages competent individuals who can grow as next-generation ‘leaders’ and ‘experts’ depending on their potential capabilities and job aptitudes. Particularly, Coway seeks developing their expertise in business areas by providing leadership education continually and opening various education courses.

THE 착한통찰(임원과정)
A curriculum for executive education that promotes ‘Big Question’ and THE bigger thinking.
THE 착한동행 (팀장과정)
For organization commitment, the role of a team head, who is a leader of a small organization is of importance. Thus, the curriculum for team heads supports their functions and capabilities
승진대 (팀원과정)
This is a curriculum for newly promoted employees and those who have worked for three years. This program aims to help developing role/responsibility management skills and communication skills.

Education Program for Each Step of Employees’ Life-Cycle

Coway has reorganized employee support programs such as vocational education, corporate culture education, and welfare benefits so that each of them can be provided at the best timing during employees’ life cycle from the early stage of joining the company in their 20s to the point of retirement age of 60. In 2015, a general course of Good Education was added, and customized special lectures for each age group were introduced.

More on the employee education program

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Major activities for competency reinforcement

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