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Strengthening Onsite Communication

Activating communication with onsite

Coway has operated social media to activate the company-wide level communication. The BAND that is being operated for onsite organization unit such as head office/administration office/branch office/team/staff, makes a real time communication possible but also contributes to the activation of communication between among office-field-local by proceeding with various events. Especially, through the prevention BAND for PL(Product Liability), a real time onsite report to corporate branch was accomplished actively to prevent 256 cases of PL accident for one year in 2015, and through this, the cost of about KRW 500 million was reduced.

Implementing onsite excellent organization reward & encouragement program

Coway has operated an award system ‘Excellent Organization’ and ‘Customer Compliment’ to encourage onsite. In 2015, through general assessment, Coway selected and encouraged 60 branch offices who had accomplished excellent performances and excellent CODY who had been recommended by customers through customer center and website. Coway planned ‘Family Emerges’ ‘HIGHPASS’ where head office, sector, and onsite family jointly participate, and boosted onsite manpower and strengthened onsite communication.

Implementing performance share program

In 2015, Coway implemented a performance compensation system, ‘Performance Share Program’ for the first time as for one of activities to encourage the spirit of onsite. CODY and CS doctor selected tasks for quality improvement in onsite service, and employees received incentives out of their contribution to the creation of performances. In 2015, total 3 tasks were implemented and total KRW 175 million was paid.

Performance Share Process

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