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Implementing Differentiated Growth Strategies


Strengthening the foundation for sales activity

Coway further strengthened its foundation to pursue continuous growth by maintaining its market share in the environmental appliances business and by concurrently creating new profit channels. The company reinforced local management by focusing on each specific region conducted projects to improve the level of sales productivity, and heightened its customer services. As a result, both the sales volume and number of managed accounts increased in 2015, and also maintained a stable cancellation rate below 1 percent during the year.

System and Service Innovation

As customers’ consumption trends changed from ‘possession’ to reasonable ‘value consumption’ recently, ‘New System of Mattresses,’ an upgraded version of mattress care rental service, was developed. This system has improved customer satisfaction by changing the focus from product sales to service and human and also by providing the value of continuous ‘Care’

Diversification of sales channels

Coway has attracted more customers and strengthened its sales competitiveness by improving accessibility to its products and services. Sales trends changed recently as consumers would purchase goods through non face-to-face sales channels such as home and online shopping. Accordingly, Coway operates the ‘hybrid mall’ that combines existing door-to-door sales with online sales methods, securing competitiveness in the online market. In addition, it has strengthened its foundation for sales by promoting offline sales channels such as outlets at the same time.