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Developing Innovative &
Eco-Friendly Products


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Business Relevance & Approach

As a concern about environment has been increased recently, ‘Greensumer’ has increased who purchases eco-friendly products. As the damage out of climate change has increased, it has become much more important to develop sustainable products at the global level. Moreover, as the home appliance market is saturated and the technology gap has narrowed down rapidly, it has become an important element for Coway to be equipped with innovative development technology and products, which can help maintains position of leading company in the market and provide higher value to customers.

Coway has developed innovative activity by four research centers around the Environmental Technology Research Center to make products that not only make customers’ life more convenient and healthy but also minimize the environmental effect. Coway has been studying on customers’ habits and behaviors, and the use space of products, and on water and air through professional competency to maintain healthy life; and developed innovative product and service that care for customers’ life. In addition, Coway has put an effort to minimize the environmental effect out of product use by customers.

※ Greensumer is a compound word of Green and Consumer, which means a consumer who emphasizes environment and health and applies these to his own consuming pattern.


혁신신제품을 위한 연구개발 강화, 고객편의상을 고려한 제품, 제품의 친환경성 제고

Business Cases

  • Study on new pollutants inside water supply & Water / Air big data
  • Innovative product development
  • Energy winner award for Coway water purifier and dehumidifier

2015 Performance

  • 1.47

    R&D Cost Proportion (vs Sales)

  • 28

    Eco-Friendly Product Sales Proportion

  • 8

    Awarded for CES 2016 Innovation Reward