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Expanding Share Culture

Culture of voluntary participation among employees

Coway has developed the activities of social contribution to settle the contribution culture in the entire organization and spread it to the society, which contributes to the development of local society

Belief in goodness Volunteer Activity Sharing Briquette

Since 2009, Coway has assisted coal briquette to our neighbors under difficult living environment to prepare for the winter season. In December 7, 2015, including C.E.O, about 120 employees from Busan and Gyeongnam regions participated to deliver 26,500 briquettes to poor neighbors. Especially, briquettes used for voluntary activity was purchased with coins collected for one year in piggy banks by CODY and employees, which emphasized the meaning of share.

Small Sum Regular Donation Program ‘Hanbyum’ Love

Coway’s employees have conducted a small sum regular donation as a part of sharing activity in the company. The ‘Hanbyum’ Love means a ‘Coway’s sole good sharing culture to help neighbors and practice a great love by drawing hand span of things I have’. Each of employees has selected a project that he or she wishes to support among assistances to abandoned children, drinking water support in country of national water shortage, and foundation of schools; and given donation of KRW 1,000 regularly every month. Coway has assisted the additional amount of money by matching one to one with employees’ donation at company level.