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Implementing Differentiated Growth Strategies

정수기 앞에서 아이들과 해밝게 웃고 있는 사진

Business Relevance & Approach

It is mandatory for company’s continuous growth to provide the better value to customers through differentiated products and services. Especially, the business of environmental appliance has become more important for its procurement of differentiated growth strategy as the environmental pollution gets worse and the market opportunity expands as well as the competitiveness becomes deepened. Coway is trying to find the answer for continuous growth by establishing a differentiated growth strategy toward a direction of providing a better value to customers through strengthening of inborn competitiveness and procurement of future technology.

Nationwide sales network, service network, and professionalism in R&D for environmental appliances are elements with which Coway has attained the superiority in the market. Additionally, Coway has strengthened its own competitiveness through the engraft of IT new technology such as IoT and big data. Especially, Coway is creating a synergy with the existing businesses through ‘IoCare’ product and service lineup for each stage. Coway is also accelerating the growth of overseas business with a business strategy considering each local characteristic. Coway is strengthening the major business channels of visiting sales and CODY organization as well as the business basis by diversifying sales channels.


프리미엄 제품을 통한 성장동력 확보, 해외사업 가속화, Strengthening the foundation for sales activity

Business Cases

  • Provide with IoT base integrated care solution
  • Acquire Halal certificate of Malaysia for the first time in water purifier industry

2015 Performance

  • 5.77

    Accounts in management
    (rental & membership)

  • 149.3

    Overseas market sales

  • 27.1

    Year-on-year operating profit growth