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Activities for Customer Satisfaction

Strengthening Responsibility for Product & Marketing

Coway has delivered precise information to customers through catalogues, product pamphlets, product manuals, contracts, advertisements and its website. In terms of product pamphlets, Coway has utilized visual elements of daily terminologies, pictures and symbols for easy identification by customers. In addition, Coway has emphasized important contents regarding terms and conditions or matters that customers should know, and warning marks through letter color, letter box and symbol. Moreover, Coway has notified safety precautions, characteristic and structure of product, dimension, use/installation method, and the problems that may occur due to misuse or carelessness during the use process of product by customers.

Coway has explained to customers for easy understanding of the contract content at the preparation of terms and conditions for the conclusion and separately marked important contents or mandatory matters on terms and condition. Whenever ther is a change in the system and terms & conditions, Coway has informed customers in advance for a long enough period before their enactment. In addition, Coway has properly collected and managed customers’ personal information to be used within clear purpose.

Strengthening Customer Communication

coway communication channel More on the customer satisfaction activities

Advertisement · PR

To deliver differentiated value to customers, Coway has been continuously studying customers’ living environment in order to provide not only the performance and design of product but also better water and air. Moreover, Coway has shared with customers the value and identity of Coway through the advertisement that contains such will and effort.

Official SNS Account

Coway is conducting PR for product and service targeting young customers who are familiar with SNS and at the same time collecting issues and improved opinions. It has a merit to collect sincere opinions about product and service according to features of SNS.

VOC/Call Center

Coway has established a 5-stages VOC management system, ‘Voice Forest’, that leads to VOC Collection-Analysis-Improvement Task Receipt-Product Improvement-Product Efficiency Analysis.
For 365 days and 24 hours, professional consultants have responded to product and service A/S applications, transfer installation receipts, membership subscription & cancellation, other product and service related inquiries through a call center, making an effort for customers’ satisfaction according to their demands. Moreover, Coway has continuously made an effort for the improvement in response rate.

Website (

Coway has operated a customer center on the website, and though this, implemented consultation and interpretation regarding product and service.

Business · Service Partner

Coway has faced customers directly onsite and collected customers’ complaints, damage and suggestions.