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Management Program for Employees

Coway has made an effort to grow together with employees, and to create much better work environment. Coway has been operating various programs not only to raise the work satisfaction but also enhance the degree of satisfaction by maintaining the balance of work and life.

Suppoting Work-Life Balance

Coway has installed a Refresh Zone to relieve stress and fatigue and to demonstrate creativity but also has been operating a “Health Care Center” that provides professional massage service and massage chair. In addition, on every first and third Wednesdays of month, ‘Love My Family Day’ has been operated for employees to leave the office on time and spend time with their families. Besides this, Coway has been implementing programs for employees to find the balance between work and life, such as ‘Coway Day’ when families of new employees are invited to experience company and corporate culture and ‘Coway Happy Farm’ where employees can cultivate crops with their families by creating farms in Suwon and Paju.

Performance-based compensation

Coway evaluates the performance and competency of individual staff or employee with which the compensation and the end of year incentive are commensurate, and according to the assessment grade, the increase rate in ability allowance is applied up to 140%. Coway has been also operating a compensation system for the improvement in R&D competency that is the basis for future growth. When employee petitions a patent, he or she will receive a compensation for each case and the degree of difficulty. Every year, in order to maintain core manpower, Coway pays 300-400% retention incentive out of monthly salary to 3-5 researchers.

Empowering our employees

Coway’s policy to foster talented people has a goal for ‘Good Growth’ of employees based on ‘a talented person who practices ‘Belief in goodness’. Coway implements an internalizing education of philosophy and core value, a customized training for HQ and individual, and a leadership training for each position.

Major Training Programs

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Practicing Change in Corporate Culture

Good meeting and workshop have been conducted to realize the cultural difference by the characteristic of each HQ and to have the same direction in the level of company. A vision program,’ Beyond Coway’, has been operated to internalize all employees with managerial spirit and vision system.

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Enhancing the Ways of Working, ‘Work Smart’

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