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Developing Innovative &
Eco-Friendly Products


Improvement of Product Eco-friendliness

Development of Eco-friendly Products

The effect of Coway products on environment is related to energy and water consumption in the step of customers’ product use. Accordingly, Coway has developed products that would improve energy and water consumption efficiency to minimize products’ effect on environment.

Products of High Energy Efficiency
To improve energy efficiency of cool/hot water purifiers, Coway has developed and applied the technology of vacuum insulation materials. It has also released products in which instant heating and semiconductor-based cooling technologies are adopted, improving energy efficiency innovatively.

Develop product reducing customer’s water use
Coway maintains a filtration rate of hazardous materials by applying the nano technology and reduces the water consumption in the use of water purifiers by developing and applying the nano-trap filter which improves the purification efficiency.
Reducing water consumption by applying nano-trap filter







※ It is calculated on the basis of annual installation quantity of the products applied with the nano-trap filter, and it is the cumulative performance since 2012

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Coway was awarded with Energy Winner Awards of Green Energy Equipment for the 'Inverter Air Purifier with Dehumidifier’ and ‘Barista Ice Water Purifier’ in the 19th Energy Winner Awards. Inverter Air Purifier with Dehumidifier enhances the efficiency of dehumidification by adopting energy-saving inverter system which enables from 16% up to max. 70% of energy saving compared to our other products to obtain the first-class energy efficiency. In addition, it is equipped with a display showing energy-saving level for the first time in domestic products to check the energy saving level in real-time basis. Coway Barista Ice Water Purifier is also equipped with innovative technologies, "instant hot water heating systems" and "cold water circulation cooling system’ to significantly reduce the cold water generation speed improving the energy efficiency, which leads to the recognition of max. 80% of monthly energy consumption of electric power in extracting coffee compared to the existing coffee machines.

Product Life Cycle Assessment

Through its LCA (Life-cycle Assessment), Coway collects greenhouse gas emission information in each step of purchase, production, distribution, use, and disposal, and reports it by issuing Carbon Reports.

Coway Life-Cycle Assessment

In 2010, Coway fufilled voluntarily the agreement of green procurement, and now Coway keeps up its procurement for green growth with low carbon emissions

Coway has introduced new and renewable energy sources such as solar-light energy generation facilities at workplaces and provided support for partners to improve energy efficiency, contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in production procedures.

To respond to climate changes effectively, Coway has managed and estimated greenhouse gas emission during product transportation from distribution centers that it has been entrusted with since 2013.

Coway has taken the lead of developing technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption in relation to product use, estimating the reduction effect. It has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by utilizing vacuum insulation materials, instant heating and semiconductor-based cooling technologies as well as water consumption by adopting nano trap filter technology that enhances water purifying efficiency.

Coway reduces greenhouse gas emission by recycling waste product resources, especially through collection and recycling of refrigerants, refurbished item production, and waste product recycling. It also estimates and manages the quantity of greenhouse gas emission reduction.

Eco-friendly Certification

To minimize environmental effect of customers’ using products, Coway has continued its technology development, and the energy-saving and carbon reduction effect of Coway products have been recognized by various stockholders including authorized institutions.

Especially in 2015, 17 eco-friendliness certificates were obtained, including ‘water footprint’ certificate and carbon neutral product certificate for the first time in the water purifier industry.

Eco-friendly Product Certificates Obtained

Coway maintains a filtration rate of hazardous materials by applying the nano technology and reduces the water consumption in the use of water purifiers by developing and applying the nano-trap filter which improves the purification efficiency.

제품 친환경 인증 취득 현황

Self-Sterilizing Water Purifier (CHP-270L) obtained a carbon-neutral product certification in 2015. Carbon neutral product certification is only given to the products which purchase the carbon credits corresponding to the greenhouse gas emissions generated in the whole process of the product including production-distribution-usage-disposal or which make carbon emissions to zero (0) through the GHG reduction activities, and which obtain both the first stage of carbon emission certification and the second stage of low carbon emissions certification in the carbon labelling scheme.

스스로 살균 정수기(CHP-270L)