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Partnership with the government and civil society organizations

Good Water Purifier Campaign for Clean Water to Neighbors under Difficulty

Coway has developed ‘Good Water Purifier Campaign’ with a public service foundation, NAVER Happy Bean. This campaign has been implemented to provide a clean water to neighbors under economic difficulty and poor environment, who cannot even drink water safely that is the basic for life. Coway has opened a campaign page in Happy Bean, and received donation requests for water purifiers with stories from social welfare groups for one month. In order to raise the effectiveness of activity, Coway has selected target institutions among social groups around the places where governmental support cannot reach. Coway has selected 157 social groups among total 285 groups who requested for donation and donated refurbished water purifiers (CHP-590N-RA). Coway has not stopped supporting just after one time support but fulfilled continuous product management.

* Participation Period : Aug. 12, 2015 - Sep. 13, 2015

Activity for Water Quality Improvement in Regional Drinking Water

Agreement between M.O.U & Chungcheongnamdo, Free Assistance of Water Purifier to 1,000 households

In farming area, problems have been speculated for livestock manure, compost, and pollution problems of ground water and drinking water source due to sewage water through agricultural activities. Accordingly, Coway has spread the activity for the improvement in regional drinking water quality through the cooperation with local society. In 2015, Coway concluded an agreement of ‘Safe Underground Water Support Project’ with M.O.E that supports water purifiers to polluted underground water regions of farming area for five years by 2020. Coway will not only support Coway’s water purifiers mounted with a reverse osmosis filter to about 500 households but also promote the technical support to improve underground water and the study on the efficient management plan for underground water.

In addition, Coway concluded an agreement of ‘Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier Support Project for Drinking Safe Water’ with Chuncheongnamdo by 2020 to improve the water welfare of poor class in the regions without drinking water supply within the province. Coway will supply about 600 water purifiers mounted with a reverse osmosis filter to keep health of poor class within the province who use drinking underground water with excess of quality standard and provided free regular maintenance service for five years. Moreover, Coway has participated in the preparation of plan to improve the quality of underground water in Chungcheongnamdo, and will support technology to improve water environment by 2020.