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Ethics Management



Establishment of a Corporate Code of Ethics

In order to expand the ‘Clean Coway’ culture to the entire organization, Coway has enacted a specific and stipulated action instruction such as ethics charter, ethics regulation, and ethics practical instruction.

Operation of Ethics Report Center

Coway has regulated the work procedure related to the receipt, investigation, deliberation, and notice of matters that violate ethical management and the activities of detail stage to eradicate unethical action in advance.

Ethics Report Center Operation Process

Coway receives customer reports through mail, fax and online. Once reports are received, the ethics management office will investigate, and the ethics committee will deliberate and decide, deliver the investigation result to the reporter. In addition, we shall share the relevant case to prevent repeated misconduct and to spread the exemplary case.

Consensus Formation of Ethics Management

In order to internalize and spread ‘Clean Coway’ culture, Coway has been strengthening ethics conscience through the ethics management PR targeting entire employees and partners and the monitoring of employees’ action. In addition, Coway has implemented regular ethics education to improve recognition and practical will for ethics management.

Programs to Reinforce Ethics Awareness

PR Diagnosis & Monitoring

  • CEO Message

    No Gift campaign for suppliers

  • Posters

    Posters and online pop-up messages to promote sales based on proper business practices

  • Regular Diagnosis

    Ethics management diagnostics at all workplaces twice a year

  • Constant Monitoring

    Monitoring of illegal sales practices with mystery shoppers