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Strengthening Product Reliability and Safety


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Business Relevance & Approach

Recent manipulation of the product performance and maleficence of the product have become a social issue. The products lacking safety and reliability can cause a severe setback to the company's reputation and sales, while the ones with safe and excellent performance are the soundest ways to build trust with customers. "Product reliability" defined by Coway is a series of courses to actively fulfill the responsibilities with regards to the product that enable the customers to use the products safely and with consistency in the performance. In particular, Coway’s products deal with water and air, and are to be used for a long period of time in a daily life, which makes it very important to maintain the homeostasis of safety and performance in a product.

In 2015 the process of reliability verification was strengthened to increase the completion of product design, and to enhance product quality. Rigorous tests are performed for products & parts endurance, environment, packaging and transportation and performance and failure analysis etc. in total 15 international authorized testing labs such as Parts Reliability Test Lab, Failure Analysis Lab, Safety Certification Test Lab, Electromagnetic Test Lab etc. This reduces the time for obtaining the certifications to improve the competitiveness of the products by enhancing the productivity as well as by strengthening the international position of the product safety.


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Business Cases

  • IoT product certification infrastructure establishment
  • CVC (China Vkan Certification) acquired for the first time in the environmental appliance industry

2015 Performance

  • 137

    Consumer Electrical Safety
    Certification Cases

  • 15

    Number of Official Testing Lab Licenses under the International Safety Certification Center