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Improving Brand Value


Introducing a strategic brand management system

Establishment of a Brand Identity System

In 2015, Coway established its brand identity system, which consists of the brand vision, brand essence, core identity, etc. The BIS is a central value system to represent the Coway brand at contact points with customers such as products, marketing, service, etc. Based on this system, Coway will put forth constant efforts into caring for customers’ life and enhancing the value of the Coway name in their life.

BRAND VISION The Life Care Company 깨끗한 환경과 건강한 생활습관을 만드는 라이프 케어를 통해 삶의 질을 높이고 고객의 행복을 추구합니다.
Caring Happiness
Insightful, Innovative, Inspiring

Re-establishment of mid/long-term brand strategies and positioning plans

To reflect the value of ‘Care’ clearly and promote better understanding of various products and services of Coway, products of Coway, the major brand, are organized under five ‘Care’ categories below so that customers can experience more professional and systematic products/care services. In addition, established brand strategies are made known in and out of the company in an effort to share perspectives and views on brands with stockholders


Social Consensus on Brands

Capabilities and interests should be focused for a brand management system to be established. Accordingly, Coway operates the brand operation committee and brand consultative group. The committee makes decisions on major aspects of brand management under the supervision of the CEO while the consultative group conducts activities such as proposals, coordination, and consultation on issues related to brand operation and management.

Additionally, education on brand internalization is conducted company-wide so that all executives and employees can share the direction that brands pursue. In 2015, education programs were conducted for the marketing division, departments in direct contact with consumers, etc. with the themes of brand importance, brand identity system, etc. In 2016, in-depth education programs will be conducted especially on actual application and practice of brand-related affairs, and the education will be expanded to hands-on workers and overseas corporations. Brand storybooks, videos, and campaigns are other means to deliver re-established brand strategies in an easy-to-understand way.

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