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Strategy & Organization

Recent competition structure of companies has been expanded to the competition between supply chain including suppliers. The importance of fulfillment in social responsibility has been increased in view of supply chain. Especially, Suppliers are companions who play a role of supplying products and service in a value chain of Coway, and their competitiveness directly connects to that of Coway.

Shared Growth Policy

Coway has supported suppliers to grow into small giants equipped with competitiveness through the shared growth policy centered at effectiveness.

상생문화정착, 확산, 지속가능 체질 구축

Standardization of Fair Trade Compliance Regulations

Coway has operated a win-win cooperation guideline to reflect the right and benefit of partners fairly at trading with them and to prevent the abuse of superior negotiation power of the primary company. Especially, in 2015, Coway conducted the standardization within the company for 4 major guidelines based on the established regulations of Fair Trade Commission and shared changed matters with entire partners through SCM and partners’ win-win portal*.

공정거래 4대 가이드라인