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Improving Brand Value


Providing Brand Experiences

Providing Brand Experiences through Communication at Various Contact Points with Consumers

Online Activity

To arouse awareness of Coway brand online among potential consumers as well as existing customers, Coway operates the official website and shares contents including images and videos through blogs, Facebook, SNS, etc. In addition, it operates ‘Coway Talk-Talk Reporter Group,’ which means ‘to talk to the world with unique and creative ideas.’ The reporter groups use Coway’s major products personally and present their opinions on product development and marketing activity. They also prepare reviews on products at their personal SNS to share genuine information with potential customers live.

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* As of May 2016

Off-line Activity

Coway meets and communicates with customers personally to provide brand experiences. In 2015, it participated in CES (Consumer Electronic Show), the world-largest home appliance exhibition, to make a new contact point with global customers and communicate with them actively. In addition to that, Coway has participated in various other events such as MWC (Mobile World Congress) which is a telecommunication and information/communication industry exhibition, Baby Fare, 2015 Olive Festival, etc. to make known Coway brand among various customers.

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