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Realization of Human-Centered Corporate Culture


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Business Relevance & Approach

Recently, demand for the balance between work and life has been increasing in our society. A good working place helps the formation of creative and dynamic thinking by employees and directly connects to the performance of company. Accordingly, the settlement of human-centered corporate culture and realization of talent management have become mandatory elements to procure company’s competitiveness in the market.

The corporate culture is both the identity of organization and the primary competitiveness of Coway. Of late, as the global competitiveness has become so intensive, Coway has ‘defined’ the inherent corporate culture and ‘set up’ the personnel system to strengthen company’s competitiveness and future growth engine. In 2015, Coway developed various activities that realized a ‘Belief in Goodness’ in the field where individual work domain meets with customers and fulfills the value. Especially, Coway improved organization engagement and employees’ satisfaction through not only the diagnosis of internalization level of core value but also the realization of project and Work Smart that raise the value of work; and set up the Coway’s sole working type. Moreover, Coway has established reasonable personnel and assessment systems and operates a training program fits the life cycle of employees to strengthen the competency of individual employee.


Practice of Corporate Culture Change, Improving the Way of Working, Strengthening the development of workforce capabilities

Business Cases

  • ‘Value Up Project’ to raise value of Business
  • Strengthen the competency of business service partner

2015 Performance

  • 76.3

    Training hours for each staff or employee

  • 5
    consecutive years

    Selected for GWP(Good Working Place)