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Developing Innovative &
Eco-Friendly Products


Strengthening R&D for Product Innovation

Due to the technological development of the market and intensified price competition, the needs for continued investment in new product development and introduction of new technologies are gradually increasing. Therefore, Coway strengthens the research and development organization and expands investment to secure new technologies and to develop innovative products.

R&D Organization

As competition is getting fiercer, Coway operates R&D sectors for each function in order to secure future growth momentum. It has conducted product innovation activities to secure health of customers and environment through its environmental technology research center which has specialized sectors: research sector, development sector, and technology sector. In addition, Coway has obtained certificates of quality and gas analysis from domestically and internationally authorized testing institutions.

연구개발 조직도

Investment into R&D

Coway has secured the professional R&D workforce for product innovation with continued investment in it. In 2015, Coway focused on developing premium products for market expansion and products customized to local circumstances for advancement into overseas markets. It has secured future growth engines by developing materials and core parts, future-oriented technologies, etc.

연구개발 조직도 연구개발 조직도

Researches on Water Quality and Air Quality

Coway is a company specialized in water and air. It puts forth every effort to enhance pollutant-removing performance for customers’ health and safety. As the quality of life was improved, the demand for ‘tasty water’ has increased among consumers recently. Accordingly, Coway has established the water taste assessment division and system to secure expertise and reliability for test and assessment.

In addition, a lot of pollutants such as ultra-fine particles were generated frequently and caused serious problems such as respiratory/skin diseases. Accordingly, Coway has put forth effort into developing ultra-fine particle removal performance indexes and solutions to relieve anxiety among customers. It also conducts R&D on special air cleaning technology to remove radon, a natural radioactive substance in the air that can cause lung cancer, and its progeny.

* Radon Progeny: An element into which radon is converted after collapse. This element also generates radioactive rays.

상수도 내 신규 오염물질 및 WATER / AIR 빅데이터 연구
Recently, new hazardous substances in waterworks such as nitrosamine that causes liver cancer and micro cyanotoxic that is an algae toxic substance became an environmental issue overseas. Accordingly, NSF added new certification/regulation items and the EU as well established BPR (Biocidal Product Regulation) in September 2015, strengthening their waterworks pollutant regulations.

Coway has conducted researches on such new pollutants and obtained international certificates including the drug and endocrine disruptor safety certification entitled NSF/ANSI 401 and the algae toxic substance removal certificate entitled NSF P477 for the first time in the industry, which indicates that its response to new pollutants has been recognized. In addition, Coway has conducted the running water monitoring project in association with a domestic public institution in an effort to secure safety of running water so that consumers can drink it at ease.

Coway has established ‘Coway World Water Map’ independently based on its analysis of collected water samples from various parts of the world. ‘Coway World Water Map’ started in 2006 with the aim of responding to all types of water quality conditions depending on geographical situations, environments, etc.

More than 20,100 water quality data sets collected from more than 40 countries in Asia, America, Europe, Oceania, and Africa were analyzed, and the analysis items include hydrogen-ion concentration, turbidity, TDS (total dissolved solid), metallic substances, ions, etc.